The most amazing feature of this app is the human voice reminder which tells you the exact leaving time to reach your destination on time.


  • The most amazing feature of TROLO App is the personal touch i.e. the human voice reminder which tells the user the exact leaving time to Reach the destination on time.

  • This feature enables the user to reach On Time for every meeting / appointment that they have scheduled for the day.

  • The user can record and share the agenda and minutes of the meeting with their team mates.

  • Whenever the user desires to share his/her arrival time with the client,  a message of the user’s arrival time will go to the client once the user has left for the meeting.    

  • TROLO also alerts the user in case of overlapping of meetings or in case the user has planned two meetings at the same time.

  • TROLO also helps in informing the user if two subsequent meetings are possible or not, taking into consideration distance required to travel and travel time.


  • The bill’s data can be fed directly under this heading. EMI, Rent, Government Tax, Cable, Gas Bill, Water Bill, Society Bill, Electricity bill etc. to remind the user about  their due dates and save them from penalties.

  • The user can upload the picture of their bills or feed the bill details by voice command.

  • TROLO also offers a direct gateway for payment through various Apps which are already downloaded in user's system like HDFC, Paytm etc.


  • Use TROLO to manage the monthly expenses by giving a limit to the budget.

  • Upload the expenses by directly feeding the expense data under the categories given food, medical, shopping, vacation, transportation, rent, grocery, fruits, vegetables and others.

  • TROLO will give the user an alarm if they spend more than a limit fixed by them.


  • TIME is the most precious non-replenishable reysource which needs to be used most effectively.

  • Nowadays we often find ourselves rushing between meetings and struggling to catch up.Being late does not impress anyone.

  • TROLO will notify you in advance about WHEN TO LEAVE TO REACH ON TIME,taking into consideration the latest traffic conditions.

  • SET A TROLO ,helps you in being more productive with intelligent reminders for your travel,social commitments ,appointments and planning your important daily activities.

  • SET A TROLO assists you in being more organized and efficient.It facilitates you in such a way that you never miss a deadline because TO REACH ON TIME IS TO SHOW THAT YOU CARE.


  • TROLO has this very important feature of maintaining a TO-DO LIST in the form of video clip/data uploading/pictures.

  • TO-DO LIST can be used for various activities like Buying something on the way, Picking up someone on the way, getting something repaired, dropping something on the way, etc.

  • Once the user uploads the TO-DO LIST for the day and sets the time for the activities TROLO will remind the user for carrying out those activities.

  • In this way, the user does not miss any important assignment for the day.


  • TROLO helps the user to send greetings to their loved ones on their special days.  The user can save their loved ones special days under various headings like: Birthday, Engagement Anniversary, Marriage Anniversary and others and the App will remind the user to greet their loved ones.

  • The App will send the Greetings even if the user is unavailable at the required time (due to different time zones).


  • TROLO gives a personal touch like an angelic hand gliding the users through their day smoothly.

  • TROLO has this amazing feature whereby the users can upload the voice / video clip of their loved ones to remind them in all the alerts of TROLO.

  • This ensures that the users can always enjoy the company of their loved ones, their care and support even in their absence.